Palm Desert, CA Skin Cancer / MOHS Surgery

Robert H. Lesnik MD

Skin Cancer

The Desert exposes us to some of the most dangerous solar radiation on the planet. This has been proven to damage the skin in many ways, and causes skin cancers, wrinkles and premature aging. Much of this damage stays in the skin and worsens over time, even if you don’t expose yourself to even more damage. Many of the treatments offered by Dr. Lesnik help reverse or cure these problems.

MOHS Surgery

MOHS Surgery is an advanced surgical technique for completely removing a skin cancer. It has the highest success rate of any skin cancer procedure.
MOHS surgery is performed in the office. It involves removing a skin cancer and next examining it microscopically. The procedure is repeated as necessary until the skin is clear. In this way, the patient is given the result before leaving the office – not several days later. As soon as the cancer is removed, an expert surgical repair is performed, with the purpose of restoring normal appearance.

This procedure requires a highly skilled surgeon with training and experience in many areas. Dr. Lesnik has twelve years of University training and over 20 years of experience.

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